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Research is the basic tool of marketing. A marketer must determine what customers needs are. Marketing experts have developed techniques for determining the needs of prospective customers. It's done by way of market segmentation. How can market segmentation be of help to a manager who wants to develop a new product?

Every market can be divided into segments or, in other words, into separate groups of consumers. First there are demographic factors like age, income, educational background, occupation, size of family, type of home and neighbourhood, etc. Then there are psychographic factors - the customers' opinions and interests, hobbies, vacation spots, favourite sports etc. Then a product is compared with the goods already established in the market by quality and quality standards. To be a success you must he ahead of your competitors. Competition never stops. That is why market segmentation must never stop as well. It should be on a permanent basis. Introduction of a pioneer product can immediately change the composition and number of a consumer grouping.

The fundamental principles for a marketer are:

1) understand the customer (through research);

2) understand the grouping (to which the customer or his business belongs);

3) create a choice (a difference in price, concept or value that will distinguish your product);

4) communicate that choice (through promotion and advertising).

Consumer marketing should be based on understanding consumer values, wants and needs.

Answer the questions:

a) What techniques have marketing experts developed?

b) According to what factors are consumers divided into groups?

c) How do marketing experts determine the needs of consumers?

d) With what is a new product compared?

e) To what does introduction of new products lead?

f) What should a marketer do? Give the summary of the text (5-7 sentences).

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